What Float Therapy Has Taught Me

Life is a tide; float on it

  • Floating can be beneficial for anyone and everyone
    The athlete looking to immerse themselves in magnesium to restore electrolytes and speed up muscle recovery or alleviate injury;
    The spiritualist looking to enter an uninterrupted, sensory-deprived meditative state to introspect, connect, align chakras, or heal;
    The health-wise looking to disengage from technology, work, or stress and simply have a mental break or practice mindfulness;
    The anxiety-ridden looking to conquer perturbation and relieve tension;
    The psychonaut looking for a different and novel high;
    The pamper-seeker, the introspector or retrospector, the trier of new things
  • It takes you back to a very familiar place
    For the first time since being in our mothers womb, we’re suspended in liquid, complete darkness, no sound and no feel. It’s an odd thing but a wondrous one at that.
  • It forces some time to yourself
    Some of us don’t get too much time alone unless it entails a commute to work or perhaps while showering. And, when we do, we don’t know what to do with that time so we tune into a podcast, Netflix, embark on a to-do list of chores, etc. There’s something completely placating about being in the company of only yourself with zero distraction, offering a great opportunity for introspection.
  • The range of mental benefits
    Already touched upon, there are numerous possibilities in terms of intangible benefits to floating — all depending on what our intention is. If we want a quiet place to garner some inspiration or employ our creativity; if we want to lower stress, to combat depression, to meditate or practice mindfulness — it’s all made possible in the pitch dark and quiet confines of the tank.
  • The range of physical benefits
    Which are being realized more and more by the way. From the absorption of sodium and magnesium, relief of stress and lowering of blood pressure, accelerated healing and alleviation of muscle cramping, relief from arthritis and joint pain, improved digestive and immuno function as well as cortisol levels. Not to mention the aesthetic benefits — skin, hair, nails all benefit as well.

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