A Beginner’s Intro to the Stock Market

Dipping your toes into investing can be daunting. I’m not talking about mutual funds, nor stock broker services that take your money and run. I’m talking about placing your own hard earned eggs in multinational baskets of chance and profit-steering that occurs through closed doors.

Note that this article is written in utter simplicity; I’m not a stock professional, merely someone who’s tripled my measly investment using one of the more popular trading platforms over the course of two years, largely from cannabis legalization, solar power and tech stocks. In all honesty, I’ve made many more mistakes than I ought to have, and the amount I’ve tripled really isn’t much but it’s certainly enough to give me a sense of accomplishment and personal achievement — which is what this has all been about to me. You’ll have to ask yourself, too, why it is that you’re choosing to invest.

  1. Decide the purpose and goal of your investment, then base your style around that. If you want gradual and secure growth, don’t expect any big gains in the short term — so don’t check your account every day because it’ll drive you up the wall and push you towards making some needlessly impatient decisions. If you want big gains in a short amount of time, you’re going to have to play it more aggressively — high risk and high reward, obviously — don’t be shocked if this doesn’t work out for you.

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